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  • We see. The quotes disturb you, but well, you probably want to read this below. It makes sense, it is short and boundlessly explaining:
    We are two. We are not boys. We are a band. We survived the deep dysphoria
    caused by absence of a better name than The Mlžs. We are Flygy Tars.

    We didn’t have ability not to wind up playing in a rock band.

    You should rather stop reading this right now.

    We both know, Peter.

    The text below,

    still waiting.

    There was the possibility your name was Peter.

    Were we right?

    See, less and less interesting.

    There was the warning.

    It’s your fault, Charlie.

    We think you think you know we thought it would look -

    It is only some yellow website.

    Go out and play

    with your friends,


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