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  • Instead of watching movies and playing Cluedo, we spent 10020 minutes (equal to 182.18 views of Magical Mystery Tour) in several places in our house, playing with our guitars, saxophones, pianos, violins, singing, clapping hands, opening and closing snack box with Sergeant¬†(which actually make pretty cool sound) while it was being recorded into the shining apple pancake (=iPad), believing it’s going to spit out an album in the end.
    And yes, it did. It crackles beautifully and you can listen to it right here if you please.
    The whole CD is made, composed, written, played and recorded, produced, designed, burned, drawn and cut out only by us, no human hand has touched it.
    Use headphones or the universe will collapse.
    If you wish to have one of these at home, please let us know. Send a postcard, homing pigeon, letter or an email.
    album release : July 2015

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