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  • Tygrish Tapes : slog season n°1

    First Tygrish Tape is here!

    We found two potencional stage members of our rhytmic section. One of them for unknown reasons went to Mexico, with the other one we had our first session. We will keep their identity covered with a mysterious cloud for a while. Huuuu
    We decided to publish this recording under Tygrish Tapes which is our own label established for the purpose of recording and publishing materials from our home band sessions.
    It keeps it’s peculiar combination of a not very good sound quality and stylish visual background, which surely worths watching. (We’re jammimg on variation of covers and our songs.)
    We are excited to see how the quality will develop with new session material.
    All records will be collected in Tygrish Tapes archiv in a form of a sound blog (=slog), available for everyone who wants to listen to how Flygy Tars – who haven’t had a real chance to show off live – sound live.
    In fact we just want to say we are concentrating on live shows, which we hope to have in close future.